We are building an adaptive platform focusing on cybersecurity concepts.

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FeaturesThe features of Cypher Platform


During the assessments, the system changes the behavior and recreate the context.

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C.T.F. Elements

Competitions between security professionals and/or students used for learning.

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Intelligent Tutoring

Provide immediate and customized instruction or feedback to learners

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Social Elements

Share similar personal characteristics, career interests, activities, background or real-life connections.

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Challenge Based Learning

Learning while solving real-world cybersecurity Challenges

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Skills Evolution

Update your CV with new skills during the assessments,

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Fill out this form to make your personal profile. We will try our best to build the adaptive platform as soon as possible, according to the results of this research. After the fulfillment of the first phase of the research, we will send you reports about the results and other interesting data. No names will be used for this research, so the form fields of the First name and Last name are not required. These fields exist only to validate your authenticity.


User Profiling

In the first place, we conduct a research for creating user profiles of the involved parties. The user profiling methods will extract results about the behavior of the users and will help to create a robust customizable training platform featuring adaptiveness.

Evaluation Phase

During this phase, the gathered information will be evaluated and help to create user models that depict the user profile. Assessments and quizzes will help examine the correct answers and acquire the required knowledge level.

Groups and Topics

The topics of cybersecurity assessments are classified and the required challenges according to the users’ models will be recorded.

Design & Development

In this phase, the design steps for designing and developing the platform will be presented.

Threat Environment: By the Numbers

Four Basic Facts about cybersecurity

92 percent of companies, suffer a cyber-attack at least every year.
1095 data breaches reported in 2016
83 seconds is the average time it takes for a phishing email to be clicked
212 Days hackers remain undetected in corporate systems

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